Exploring Sink & Float in Kindergarten

Exploring Sink & Float- Pinterest (1)

While learning about items that sink and float in our kindergarten classroom, we gave lots of opportunity to have hands-on experiences testing out different objects and recording their results.


We started by setting out a bin of water and different items found around our classroom. Students tested each object and then sorted them by whether they sink or float.


Students were encouraged to show their results by writing or drawing the item they tested on a piece of paper and placing it on our display. It was a great way to have students record their findings.


Next, we challenged students to create a boat that would float and could carry rocks. These were the materials we gave them, and they had a great time trying to figure out how best to use them.


Some students added sails to their boats. They were also encouraged to try different designs if their first attempt did not float. It was great to hear their reasoning for picking different materials


We used some foam letters and had students practice sight words for some added fun!

** If you decide to have hands-on sink-float centers, I would highly recommend bringing in towels! They were a great time saver and kept the classroom from getting slippery. **

How do you teach sink/float? Any fun activities we can do next time?

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