Beginning Sounds Kindergarten Activity!


My new product on Teachers pay Teachers is great for phonics review and letter formation. It includes cards and a worksheet for students to practice beginning sounds and uppercase/lowercase letters.


There are 26 cards (color and B&W versions included) with pictures on it. Students must write the letter that begins the word in the boxes below the picture. The boxes are made to match the type of letter that they must use- short, tall or hanging. I cut out each of the cards, glued them to construction paper, cut them out and laminated them to make them durable and reusable. Students can use dry erase markers on them, then erase them. Alternatively, you can put the sheets in page protectors and have students write on them with dry erase markers!


There are also 4 posters (2 full-page and 2 quarter-page) to help students with letter formation.  It includes letters in boxes and letters in lines to help students make sure they are using proper letter types (short, tall or hanging).


Also included is a worksheet that students can use to write the beginning sound next to each picture. This can be used for reinforcing letter formation, or for assessment.

Beginning Sounds Write and Swipe Cards and Worksheets square preview

Beginning Sounds Activities is a great year-end literacy review center or to be used throughout the school year to ensure students are using the proper letter formation when printing.

What letters do you notice students having the most trouble with? I am having a hard time getting students to understand the concept of hang-down letters, they always want to make them tall!

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