End of the School Year Sight Word Review


As the school year begins to wind down, we start to review all the things we have learned throughout the school year in the hopes that we can get the information lodged in our little students’ minds before the summer begins.

20170426_183703_HDR (2)

In kindergarten, one of the main focuses of the year is learning sight words. They are so important for students to learn, they need these words so they can read and write. So at this time of the year, I like to take out literacy centers that focus on sight word recognition and writing so that we can really get those words to stick!


With that in mind, I made my Kindergarten Review- Sight Word Bundle. It contains three of my sight word activities that need little to no prep and can be reused throughout the school year.


Our students love these hands-on activities that challenge them to write, find and build different sight words. It exposes them to these words, and you pick to put out the ones that your students are having the most trouble with!

You can get this pack from my Teachers pay Teachers store and start reviewing those sight words!:

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