Letters V & X Centers

We are finishing up our letter study this year with our last two letters! It is pretty exciting when our Junior Kindergarten students finish learning the alphabet and start writing. It opens up a whole new world to them and they gain so much confidence in their skills.

Our letter V center was pretty simple, I cut out V’s from construction paper and let the students paint flowers in their vases. This is the example I quickly made before the students came to school. Their paintings were much better than this and I wish I had thought of taking some pictures of them. Also, before getting them started on painting, I showed them pictures of some of Van Gogh’s vase paintings. They loved them, and I hope to get some prints of some of the paintings to use in the classroom next time.


For the letter X, we had an x-ray discovery table. I have had these x-rays for a while now. I found pictures online of human and animal x-rays, then i laminated them. Students love looking at the x-ray to try and determine what they are looking at.


That’s all for letters this year, I hope to keep building on these centers next year and hopefully get the students really excited about learning each new letter.

Do you have any centers that students love to do when learning a new letter?


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