Fall-Inspired Sensory Bin


We changed up our sensory bin this week and we have added some fall items to it. The base is dried split peas (green and yellow- got them a Bulk Barn) and we added fake leaves, pine cones, pumpkins and acorns (dollar store).


The students started by playing with the items, but they quickly started to use them in new ways – like sorting the items (that’s the math concept we are learning about right now.)

A great addition to this sensory bin would be the leaves from my Fall Pack that I have just listed on Teachers pay Teachers st store. I just need to laminate them and I will be adding them in this week.


In this pack, you not only get all the letter leaves, but also sight word leaves with all 40 Dolch pre-primer words. There is also an instruction sheet that will explain to you how you can use this pack for 4 different activities! I will be showing this pack off more in a post later this week.

You can get the pack from my Teachers pay Teachers store for $3.00

Falling Leaves- Fall Inspired Literacy Pack

Our Apple Day is coming up this week and we will be making some pumpkin spice play dough soon. Fall is a great time to get creative and to use it to inspire new centers and activities. How are you bringing fall into your classroom?


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