An Etsy Adventure


I have spoken to colleagues and friends about all the handmade items that we have in our classroom; all the stuff that I make and bring to share with our students. I have a hard time finding things that the students enjoy working with and that are suitable for the kindergarten curriculum. So I make my own. Everyone always says, “You should sell this stuff!” So I’m going to try…

There seems to be a focus on ‘loose parts’ lately. Giving students materials and letting them explore and use them on their own. The only problem is – where do you find suitable loose parts? and you need to be constantly changing them up so the students don’t get bored of them.

That’s where J&A Creations comes in – whenever I make something for the classroom, I will list it in the Etsy shop to share with other teachers and educators.

This is the first item that I am listing – Wooden Mushrooms for Subitizing in Loose Parts Math.


This listing is for 10 wood mushrooms. Each mushroom has dots on it representing the numbers 1-10. These would be a great addition to your math centers to be used with other loose parts, or on their own to work on number sense and subitizing numbers.


Go check them out- and don’t forget to favourite my store because I will be adding new things to it all the time!


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