Two New Literacy Center Ideas!

Getting students to write can sometimes be hard. You want to motivate them, but still leave them to be creative and write what they want. That is when writing prompts come in handy. I have created two new packs with ideas for list writing and letter writing.

List writing pack PreviewFor this pack, I made a poster to show students how to properly write a list. It also includes 12 writing prompts (and 4 blank ones if you want to make your own), and 3 list templates. It is a great way to get students writing with a different form!Letter writing pack PreviewNext, I made a Letter Writing Activity. As with the list pack, it has a poster showing the different elements of a letter, 12 writing prompts (and 4 blank ones), and 3 templates for writing their own letters. I am pretty excited about this one. This would be great to use with your students, and you could even start it off by writing a letter to them first, or answering one of their letters!

Both of these packs are available from my Teachers-pay-Teachers store for $2.50 each:

List Writing Pack

Letter Writing Pack


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