Memory Book and Journal

At the end of the school year it is amazing to look back on students’ work and see the progress they have made throughout the year. In our classroom, at the start of the school year, each student starts their own book/journal that we add to at the end of every month.

Memory Books picture preview

For the Junior Kindergarten students, they have a simple page where they can draw a picture of themselves and write their name.

Memory Journal Picture Preview

The Senior Kindergarten students get a writing page where we ask them to write their favourite memory from the past month and draw a picture.

At the end of the school year, we put it all together to show their progress and to send home to their families to show off their hard work from the school year.

Each of these packs is available from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $2 each:

Memory Books – Early Writers

Memory Journals – Beginner Writers

They include: a cover page and 10 book/journal pages (September-June).


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