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I have wanted to make a classroom loom for our students for some time now. I was inspired by a post from Buggy and Buddy. I had an idea of how to do it, but I needed the time to do it (I looked at this post from Painting in Purple to help me). This week I was motivated to get it done and with (a lot) of help from my boyfriend, we put it together.


I was hoping that it would be a popular center, but the students blew me away with how well they did with it!


With very little instruction, they were able to weave the pieces of fabric I had cut out, and add their own scraps to the loom. I am so excited to have this addition to our classroom and I already have ideas about what I want to make next!


4 thoughts on “Classroom Loom”

  1. When I made mine, I found that I had spaced the warp too far apart. I had used black string, but when I decided to make the warp closer together I used white sting, as I was out of black. That ended up being fantastic, as the kids either wove under all the black or under all the white, depending on which row they were weaving. I will always do it this way now!

  2. Love this. I was inspired by a post of twitter to take an old chart holder at school and secure a piece of chicken wire to it for the children to weave with. I place an assortment of ribbons, bias tape, yarn etc as an invitation for the children to use. I was amazed at how interested in using it, within a week it has been filled and now is serving as a temporary art installation. I will probably take it off the chart holder and hang it from the ceiling. We used “autumn-ish” colors in it and we will probably give it a try again this winter. The children wove in a variety of ways and directions.

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