2 New Fun Literacy Centers

Students tend to get bored with centers quite easily. I find we have to change them up frequently to keep them interested. My teaching partner and I put together these two centers to keep the kindies entertained while still learning their sight words and working on some sight word sentences.

Stack Em Up!

sight word stacking 03I used small red solo cups for this game (you can use the larger red cups, but it will take up more room). These smaller ones are great for individual centers. I wrote a sight word on each cup, and placed 6 cups at each station. The student then stacked up the cups to reveal all the sight words. Once they read them all, they were encouraged to write a sight word sentence using one or more sight word on the whiteboard (I got those at the dollar store!).

This is a great reusable center that is different and fun. There is nothing to photocopy, just put out the materials and let the students Stack Em Up!

Sight Word Sentence Bracelets

Sight Word Bracelets 01

Continuing our work with sight words and using them to make sentences, we had the students make their own bracelets using letter beads. We also gave them some regular beads to use as spaces between their words.

These bracelets are great for students to be able to take home their work without it just being paper and pencil!

Sight Word Bracelets 02

There you have it! Two new centers to add to your rotation, without having to rely on paper and pencil!


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