Creation Station

My teaching partner created an amazing Creation Station for the students to create and explore with.

creation station

She provided some simple materials and we have let their imaginations take over.

Here are some ideas:

  • cork boards to give them a space to work on
  • rocks
  • gems
  • corks
  • skewers
  • clothespins
  • feathers
  • popsicle sticks
  • toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • tree cutouts
  • empty k-cup containers
  • Cut up pieces of cardboard in different sizes

They are able to use the objects provided to create whatever they can imagine. They have been making some really cool things, and they are always excited when they see this center being put out at a table.

I have even created a sign for he table, and I am providing it to you for free! It is a great addition to the table.

creation station sign

Download this sign for free:

Creation Station Sign


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