2D Shape Matching Cards

We have finished setting up our Valentine’s Day sensory bin. I am pretty excited about it, it looks so nice and inviting! I dyed some rice pink for filler and my teaching partner and I filled it up with lots of Valentine’s Day themed items we found at the dollar store. It was super easy to do, and the students were so excited to play in it!


As we continue to learn about 2D shapes and their properties, I made a matching game to go in the sensory bin. The students have to match the 2D shape picture to its name and properties.

 This set includes: square, triangle, circle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, pentagon, trapezoid, and hexagon. Cut out each square in the set (back with construction paper and laminate for durability) and have the students try to complete the sets to get all the matches!

2d shape cards

 A perfect addition to your sensory bin, a great math center or assessment tool.

Download this activity from my Teachers pay Teachers store for $1:

2D Shapes Matching Cards

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