Create a Pattern Spinners! FREEBIE!

We have finished with our sorting unit this week (look out for a post all about the different sorting centers we did in our class) and we are moving on to patterns.

I made this really simple center that is so easy to set-up, and the kids will love!

spinner picture

All you have to do is print out the Create a Pattern Spinners (for FREE!!), laminate them and put them out at a table with some things that the children can use to make patterns.

You can turn them into actual spinners by adding an arrow to them, but I just give the kids a pencil and paperclip, it works just as well and the children don’t mind  either way!

The student has to spin the paperclip and then create a pattern following whichever rule they land on!

Get the free download for this activity:

Create a Pattern Spinner Cards


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